Acta Ornithologica 37 (2). Winter 2002

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Acta Ornithologica 37 (2). Winter 2002


Nest-site selection of Magpie Pica pica in a high-density urban population of Sofia (Bulgaria)

Winter abundance of hole-nesting birds in natural and managed woods in Zealand (Denmark)

Breeding habitat selection in the House Martin Delichon urbica in the city of Valencia (Spain)

Differences between the spring and autumn migration of the Red-backed Shrike Lanius collurio: record from the Eilat stopover (Israel)

Nest predation as a limiting factor to the breeding population size of the Collared Flycatcher Ficedula albicollis in the Białowieża National Park (NE Poland)

Timing of hatching and indirect selection of body size - the impact of bad weather on the Great Tit Parus major in Niepołomice Forest (S. Poland)

Brood reduction and parental infanticide - are the White Stork Ciconia ciconia and the Black Stork C. nigra exceptional?

Coexistence of owl species in the farmland of southeastern Poland

In Memoriam: Professor Kazimierz A. Dobrowolski (1931-2002)

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