Acta Ornithologica 44 (1). Summer 2009

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Acta Ornithologica 44 (1). Summer 2009

Egg size variation and breeding characteristics of the Black-winged Stilt Himantopus himantopus in a Saharan oasis

Song repertoires in a western European population of Yellowhammers Emberiza citrinella

Space use of adult Spanish Imperial Eagles Aquila adalberti

Variation in the relationship between lay date and clutch size in three cavity-nesting woodland passerines

Potential impact of EU accession on common farmland bird populations in Hungary

Are changes in predatory species composition and breeding performance responsible for the decline of Coots Fulica atra in Milicz Ponds Reserve (SW Poland)?

Temporal and spatial differences in the feeding ecology of the Spanish Imperial Eagle Aquila adalberti during the non-breeding season: effects of the rabbit population crash

Plasma testosterone profile of male Tawny Owls Strix aluco in relation to breeding density, breeding experience, and offspring provision

Changes in breeding phenology and performance of Wood Warblers Phylloscopus sibilatrix in a primeval forest: a thirty-year perspective

Parental investment of female Tengmalm’s Owls Aegolius funereus: correlation with varying food abundance and reproductive success


Trends in the arrival dates of spring migrants in Lublin (E Poland)

Repeatable length and mass but not growth rate of individual feathers between moults in a passerine bird

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