Acta zoologica cracoviensia, 53A(1-2) (2010)

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Acta zoologica cracoviensia, 53A(1-2) (2010)

 Professor Zygmunt BOCHEŃSKI - Biography

Selected bibliography of Zygmunt BOCHEŃSKI

Review of the oldest evidence of domestic fowl Gallus gallus f. domestica from the Czech Republic in its European context.

Clutch and egg size variation in the coot Fulica atra breeding on fishponds in eastern Poland - test of the optimal egg dimensions hypothesis.

Influence of agricultural landscape structure on breeding bird densities in lowland Polish farmland.

A Late Pleistocene woolly mammoth from Lower Silesia, SW Poland.

Recent range and distribution of dormice (Gliridae, Mammalia) in the Sudetes (Poland).
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