Barn Owl

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Usually encountered as a flash of blue or orange seen from the riverbank, most ...

Cena: 124,07
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Barn Owl

Autorzy: David Chandler, Nigel Blake

The sight of a ghostly Barn Owl quartering a field at dusk is not one that is easily forgotten, but the day-to-day lives of these captivating birds are little known to most people. In this book, insightful text coupled with rarely seen images of the species' life and behaviour introduces the reader to some of the most fascinating aspects of a remarkable nocturnal existence. There are chapters on subjects such as hunting, courtship and survival. The owls are further brought to life through a series of personal anecdotes from the author and photographer, which are woven into the text. The book is part of a series that also includes titles on the Kingfisher and Peregrine Falcon. Birdwatchers - there are more than 1 million RSPB members in the UK and the pastime is growing in popularity in many countries around the world. It will have strong appeal to a wide readership encompassing general nature enthusiasts.

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New Holland Publishers Ltd

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