Bat Surveys: Good Practice Guidelines

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Bat Surveys: Good Practice Guidelines

Following feedback from experts in the field and authored by professionals, the Bat Conservation Trust has updated and revised the "Bat Surveys: Good Practice Guidelines". In line with the latest evidence and best practice the second edition features new chapters and content, with revised advice and guidance. This is the essential reference and guide for anyone involved in professional bat work.

New chapters include:
Pre-planning considerations
Equipment and techniques
Assessing survey reports
Long term surveys for larger infrastructure projects
Surveying for wind farms
Interpreting results

With a renewed focus on catering for professional bat work; consultants; planners and others associated with development, the 2nd edition covers in depth:
The principles of good survey design
How to review and assess the quality of survey reports
The importance of data analysis and the interpretation of results

Some of the chapters from the previous edition relating to individual survey types (underground, catching, buildings etc.) have been encompassed into two chapters: Activity Surveys and Roost Surveys.

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