Bird Habitats in Ireland

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Bird Habitats in Ireland

 Autorzy: Richard Nairn, John O'Halloran

Much progress has been made in the recent past in the study of Ireland's birds and their habitats. Ireland's bird life is different from that of Europe and the neighbouring island of Britain. It is a stronghold for species such as the chough and storm petrel while common European species such as the nuthatch and tawny owl are completely absent. In winter, birds stream into Ireland from their arctic breeding grounds. The habitat types found in Ireland provide many of the answers to the puzzles of Ireland's bird life. In this comprehensive, up-to-date review of the bird communities of all the habitats in Ireland, a team of the most experienced ornithologists in Ireland brings together descriptions of the habitat types and the typical bird species that depend on each habitat for support. Habitat management and bird conservation issues are also fully addressed. Illustrated with quality photographs and maps, it will become a key work of reference for all future ornithological research in Ireland.

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