Birds of Costa Rica

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Birds of Costa Rica

 Autor: Richard Garrigues

Graced with bounteous natural beauty Costa Rica has become a popular destination for travelers from all over the world. Birds play a prominent role in attracting visitors, too. The shimmering quetzals, gaudy macaws, and comical toucans that populate tourism posters only begin to hint at the impressive avian diversity to be found throughout this small country. The principle objective of this book is to help you correctly identify birds in Costa Rica. Each family of birds is introduced by a brief description that should help the novice birder determine to which group a bird belongs. Nearly every species is illustrated by one or more images, as needed. Corresponding to each species' illustration is a written account on the facing page. The account begins with the unique field marks to look for that will distinguish each species from similar ones. Following the description of unique markings is information about how common a species is and where it occurs geographically. To the left of most accounts is a thumbnail map of Costa Rica showing the species' range within the country. Many species accounts include a description of vocalization.

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