Birds of Uzbekistan: Photoalbum

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Birds of Uzbekistan: Photoalbum
 Language: Bilingual in English and Russian

Autorzy: Boris Nedosekov, Roman Kashkarov

Uzbekistan is situated in the heart of Central Asia. Measuring 448,844 km2 in surface area, it is the most densely populated of all Central Asian states. Despite this, nature and wildlife in Uzbekistan remains rich and diverse. The extraordinary Ustyurt Plateau, the escarpments of which form the shores of the Aral Sea, is situated in the North of the country, while the vast Kyzylkum Desert neighbors the flood-lands of the tugai forests, which fringe the two largest Central Asian rivers, the Syrdarya and the Amudarya. The spurs of the Pamyrs-Alai and Tien-Shan mountain ranges, which are are capped with snow all the year round, rise in the South and the East. There are also more than 500 lakes and reservoirs in Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan boasts a wide range of avian fauna because it lies on the crossing of migratory routes from Western Siberia and Kazakhstan to Iran-Caspian and Indo-Pakistani wintering grounds. More than 460 bird species are encountered in Uzbekistan because of this; and of these, more than 265 species are nesting.

Birds of Uzbekistan presents almost 200 photos of over 100 species, with 95% of the photos having been taken in the wild and being unique to this publication. Each photo caption provides the exact date and place which makes it a great guide to travelling birdwatchers.

Rok wydania: 2012
Wydawnictwo: Silk Road Media
Liczba stron: 100
Format: cm
ISBN: 9780955754913
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