Bowerbirds: Ptilonorhychidae

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Bowerbirds: Ptilonorhychidae

Redaktor: Clifford Frith

Comprehensive and accurate synthesis of our knowledge of Bowerbirds which are confined to the great island of New Guinea and the island continent of Australia, and their immediately adjacent islands. They are medium-sized birds, terrestrial, omnivorous, and largely solitary. They are unique in the avian world in that the males build elaborate 'bowers' for display and courtship. Includes 16 specially-commissioned colour plates and 77 drawings by Eustace Barnes illustrating special features and behaviour; and descriptions of each species, providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date species-level information available.

Rok wydania: 2004
Wydawnictwo: Oxford University Press
Liczba stron: 416
Format: 19,5x25,5 cm
ISBN: 0198548443
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