Breeding Birds of the Western Palearctic (DVD-ROM)

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Breeding Birds of the Western Palearctic: Nests, Eggs, Nestlings, Fledglings and Habitats (DVD-ROM)

if you are passionate about the breeding cycle of birds, this software will take you on an amazing journey exploring the rich and diverse breeding biology of the avifauna of Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. The vast collection of photographs presented on this DVD-ROM is the result of the most extensive effort ever undertaken to document the breeding cycle of birds. Decades of painstaking fieldwork by Peter and Richard Castell, supplemented by other skilled photographers from many countries, has resulted in a unique visual record of breeding birds in the Western Palearctic.

This edition includes almost 9000 images, and additional photos were added compared to the previous edition, covering no fewer than 735 of the 756 species that breed in the region. Many aspects of reproductive biology are covered, including:
typical habitats
nest sites
eggs (most showing several examples of variation)
young (most showing several different stages, from hatching to fledging, and many juveniles)
adults for many species, mainly at nests
concise text information for every species

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