Coleoptera Poloniae: Tenebrionoidea

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Coleoptera Poloniae: Tenebrionoidea (Tenebrionidae, Boridae)  Critical checklist, distribution in Poland and meta-analysis

Autorzy: Dariusz Iwan, Daniel Kubisz, Piotr Tykarski

The book provides a summary of data on occurrence of Tenebrionidae and Boridae in Poland. The presence of 73 species of Tenebrionidae and 1 Boridae species is confirmed, while 28 tenebrionid taxa are considered doubtful or needing confirmation, although reported in the past. Data on distribution of the confirmed taxa cover localities, UTM 10x10 km grid coordinates, dates, collections that hold specimen, and source references, accompanied by distribution maps generalized to the UTM grid. A separate chapter gives an overview of Palaearctic distribution of all the discussed taxa, including subspecies when applicable. Detailed taxonomic checklist of the group including synonymy is also provided separately. The distribution catalogue part is followed by the meta-analysis built upon a database covering all the presented information. A number of analytical and generalization techniques was used, giving synthetic views on research intensity and number of species known in different parts of the country, commonness-abundance relationship and relative species richness fives a new quality to traditional faunistics, being paired with the database that will be available online through the Biodiversity Map and Coleoptera Poloniae websites, served by the Polish Biodiversity Information Network (KSIB).

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