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Plansze edukacyjne. Płazy i gady

Plansze edukacyjne. Płazy i gady

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Collins Field Guide - Reptiles and Amphibians of Britain and Europe

Autorzy: Nicholas Arnold, Denys Ovenden

A brand-new edition of this popular field guide, Reptiles and Amphibians describes and illustrates every species found in Britain and Europe. This book contains descriptions of every species of salamander, newt, frog, tree frog, toad, tortoise, turtle, terrapin, gecko, agama, lizard, chameleon, slow worm, skink, amphisbaenian and snake found in mainland Europe. Every species and distinct subspecies is described in detail, with notes on its range, size, colour and markings, diagnostic characters, habitat, behaviour and, in the case of venomous snakes, the type and virulence of its poison. The final part of the book deals with the identification of the eggs and tadpoles of frogs, toads, newts and salamanders. There are also introductions to each group of animals, with helpful keys to aid identification where necessary, an introduction to the biology of reptiles and amphibians and how best to study this fascinating part of our fauna. The book is also beautifully illustrated with 49 colour plates and distribution maps for each species.

Rok wydania: 2002
Wydawnictwo: Collins

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