Current advances in algal taxonomy and its ...

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Current advances in algal taxonomy and its applications. Phylogenetic, ecological and applied perspective.

 Redakcja: Konrad Wołowski, Irena Kaczmarska, James M. Ehrman, Agata Wojtal


Professor’s Jadwiga Siemińska’s 65 years of scientifi c work.
Cryptomonad taxonomy in the 21st century: the fi rst two hundred years.
Pascher 1929 – a rare glaucophyte found in the peat-bog Klin (Orava, Northern Slovakia).
Achnanthidium sieminskae, a new diatom species from the Kerguelen Archipelago (Austral Islands).
Current advances in the biology of marine araphid diatoms.
Diatom diversity of the lower part of the Sljudjanka river draining the Chamar-Daban Mountains (southern part of the Lake Baikal catchment, Siberia, Russia).
Diversity of diatom communities in the Wisłok River (SE Poland).
Diversity of diatoms (Bacillariophyceae) in the Mleczka River, Morwawa River and Różanka stream (tributaries of the Wisłok River, SE Poland), with particular reference to threatened species.
Morphological variability of raphidophycean algae in the lakes of Lithuania.
Trachelomonas diversity in a forest pond of Poleski National Park (E Poland).
Euglenophytes from a fi shpond in the Republic of Cameroon (West-Central Africa).
Microfossils related to green algae (Chlorophyta) in Upper Miocene deposits from the Józefi na borehole, Kraków-Silesia Upland, Poland.
Infl uence of secondary metabolites from cyanobacteria on plant growth and development.
Assessment of trophic state of four lakes in the Suwałki Landscape Park (NE Poland) based on the summer phyto- and zooplankton in comparison with some physicochemical parameters.
Seasonal changes of phytoplankton in abandoned forest peat-pits .
Winter algae communities in the lakes and river ecosystems of the Republic of Karelia, North Russia.
Strategies for high-throughput microscopy in algal research.
Nautococcus mamillatus Korshikov (Chlorophyta, Chlorococcales) and Kremastochrysis ocellata Pascher (Chrysophyta, Ochromonadales) from set-aside land and winter wheat fi elds.
Phytoplankton assemblages in fi shponds fed with treated wastewater.
Problem of protection of the Chara-dominated lakes from the eastern part of the Gnieźnieńskie Lakeland (western Poland) in the conditions of disturbed water regime.

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