Elements of Ecology

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Elements of Ecology

Autorzy: Thomas M. Smith, Robert Leo Smith

Known for its emphasis on the relevance of ecology in everyday life and the human impact on ecosystems, Elements of Ecology, Seventh Edition features new "Interpreting Ecological Data" exercises to help students develop quantitative skills. Each chapter draws upon current research in the various fields of ecology while providing accessible examples that help students understand species natural history, specific ecosystems, the process of science, and ecological patterns at both an evolutionary and demographic scale. To engage students in using and interpreting data, a wide variety of Quantifying Ecology boxes walk through step-by-step examples of equations and statistical techniques. The expanded Companion Website (www.ecologyplace.com) includes GRAPHit!, and QUANTIFYit! exercises to help students further master and apply math skills.

Rok wydania: 2008
Wydawnictwo: Pearson Education (US)

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