Elements of Ecology

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Elements of Ecology

Autorzy: Thomas M. Smith, Robert Leo Smith

Elements of Ecology, Ninth Edition continues to explain ecological processes clearly and concisely, with a greater emphasis on the relevance of ecology to everyday life and the human impact on ecosystems. This dramatically revised edition discusses issues of human ecology throughout the text and provides a greater variety of opportunities for students to learn, practice, and develop quantitative and analytical skills. Current research examples and other content updates are supported by more than 200 redesigned, full-colour illustrations, graphs, and tables.


Chapter 1: The Nature of Ecology
Chapter 2: Climate
Chapter 3: The Aquatic Environment
Chapter 4: The Terrestrial Environment
Chapter 5: Adaptation and Natural Selection
Chapter 6: Plant Adaptations to the Environment
Chapter 7: Animal Adaptations to the Environment
Chapter 8: Properties of Populations
Chapter 9: Population Growth
Chapter 10: Life History
Chapter 11: Intraspecific Population Regulation
Chapter 12: Species Interactions, Population Dynamics, and Natural Selection
Chapter 13: Interspecific Competition
Chapter 14: Predation
Chapter 15: Parasitism and Mutualism
Chapter 16: Community Structure
Chapter 17: Factors Influencing the Structure of Communities
Chapter 18: Community Dynamics
Chapter 19: Landscape Dynamics
Chapter 20: Ecosystem Energetics
Chapter 21: Decomposition and Nutrient Cycling
Chapter 22: Biogeochemical Cycles
Chapter 23: Terrestrial Ecosystems
Chapter 24: Aquatic Ecosystems
Chapter 25: Coastal and Wetland Ecosystems
Chapter 26: Large-Scale Patterns of Biological Diversity
Chapter 27: Global Climate Change

Rok wydania: 2015
Wydawnictwo: Pearson Education (US)

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