Flies: The Natural History and Diversity of Diptera

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Flies: The Natural History and Diversity of Diptera

 Autor: Stephen A Marshall

Meticulously researched and illustrated with more than 2000 color photographs taken by the author, Flies is a landmark reference book that will be indispensable to any naturalist, biologist or entomologist. Most photographs in this encyclopedic reference were taken in the field and show the insects in their natural environment. All of the world's fly families are included, with photographic coverage spanning the range from common deer flies and fruit flies through to deadly tsetse flies and malaria mosquitoes, with thousands of spectacular species such as exotic stalk eyed flies, giant robber flies and hedgehog flies in between.

Flies is broken up into three parts: Life Histories, Habits and Habitats of Flies; Diversity; and Identifying and Studying Flies. The 20 pages of profusely illustrated keys linked to the unprecedented photographic coverage of the world's fly families and subfamilies enable the reader to identify most flies quickly and accurately, and to readily access information about each family as well as hundreds of distinctive genera and species.


Life Histories, Habits and Habitats of Flies
   Life Histories of Flies
   Flies, Plants and Fungi
   Flies and Vertebrates
   Flies and Invertebrates
   Origins and Distribution of the Diptera
   The Lower Diptera
   The Lower Brachycera and Empidoidea
   The Higher Brachycera or Cyclorrhapha
Identifying and Studying Flies
   Collecting, Preserving and Rearing Flies
   Identifying Fly Families

Rok wydania: 2012
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ISBN: 9781770851009
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