Fragmenta Floristica et Geobotanica 41/1

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Fragmenta Floristica et Geobotanica 41/1, 1996


Les Scrophulariaceae dans la flore d'Afrique centrale (excl. Lindernieae)

Rubus kuleszae (Rosaceae) – a new bramble species of section Corylifolii from Poland

Habitat variability of the phytocoenoses of Isoëto-Lobelietum in Poland

Dispersion des pollens en milieu urbain (banlieue sud de Paris – 1993)

Contribution to the lichen flora of Crau (southern France)

Antipodal mosses: IV. A note on Andreaea hookeri (Andreaeaceae)

Report on recent sites of Aldrovanda vesiculosa (Droseraceae) in Poland

L'association Ć Elaeis guineensis et Tabernaemontana crassa dans la région de Kikwit (Zaire)

Plantes alimentaires des forčts de montagnes du Rwanda

Rare plant species of the Khabarovsk territory and their protection

Antipodal mosses: V. On Distichium austro-georgicum (Ditrichaceae)

Les Mimosaceae dans la flore de Guinée (Afrique occidentale)

The bryoflora of urban areas – a floristic-ecological case study of Oświęcim town (S Poland)

Phytoindicative role of plant communities in a rural landscape (Pińczów case study, south Poland)

Floristical observations from the Heishiding region in the South China Mts. (Guangdong prov. – People's Republic of China)

Dactylis glomerata subsp. slovenica (Poaceae) in Italy

Comparative studies on Polish and Bulgarian populations of Dactylis glomerata subsp. glomerata (Poaceae)

Changes in the life strategy of Carex digitata (Cyperaceae) in disturbed woodland communities: I. Life history

Changes in the life strategy of Carex digitata (Cyperaceae) in disturbed woodland communities: II. Demography

Short notes

Nomenclatural notes on mosses: 8. New taxa in "Plantae montenegrinae" by Beck and Szyszyłowicz

Nomenclatural notes on mosses: 9. Austrophilibertiella nom. nov. (Ditrichaceae)

Nomenclatural notes on mosses: 10. Andreaea gainii and A. paralella (Andreaeaceae) from Antarctica

Nomenclatural notes on mosses: 11. Warnstorfia austro-straminea comb. nov. (Amblystegiaceae)

Grimmia hartmanii (Musci, Grimmiaceae), an addition to the bryoflora of the Crimea

Une espéce nouvelle du genre Senecio (Asteraceae) de l'Afrique centrale

Le genre Diplacrum (Cyperaceae) dans la flore de Guinée (Afrique occidentale)

Trois espéces nouvelles du genre Bothriocline (Asteraceae, Vernonieae) du Zaire

Zur Moosflora des Van-Mijenfjorden-Gebietes (West Spitzbergen). 1. Splachnum sphaericum (Splachnaceae) neu für Spitzbergen

Note on Mycoblastus fucatus [=M. sterilis] (Lichenes, Mycoblastaceae) from Poland

Pinacisca similis and Catillaria anisospora, two lichens new to Poland

Diskyphogyne (Orchidaceae, Spiranthinae), a new orchid genus from South America