Fragmenta Floristica et Geobotanica 42/2

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Fragmenta Floristica et Geobotanica 42/2, 1997


The Second All-Polish Scientific Meeting "Taxonomy, karyology and distribution of grasses in Poland", Kraków, 14–15 November 1996 – foreword

Avena strigosa (Poaceae) in north-eastern Poland

Distribution of Dactylis glomerata subsp. slovenica (Poaceae) in Europe

Remarks on the Agropyron-Elymus complex (Poaceae) with special reference to its representatives in Poland

Leersia oryzoides (Poaceae), a scarce species of the Polish flora from the Upper Silesian Region (Southern Poland)

Interesting lemmas in Festuca polesica fo. anomala (Poaceae)

An ex situ ecological experiment on the morphological and developmental variation of Calamagrostis epigejos (Poaceae)

Genetic variation in Barren Brome, Bromus sterilis (Poaceae)

The eastern limit of European distribution of Aira caryophyllea (Poaceae)

Echinochloa esculenta (Poaceae) – a new alien plant in Poland

The distribution of selected threatened grass species (Poaceae) in the Sudety Mts. (Poland)

Puccinellia capillaris (Poaceae) in Poland: the occurrence, morphology and ecology of populations

The relative abundance and importance of some grass species in the weed flora in cultivated fields in the Wysoczyzna Siedlecka (Central Poland)

The occurrence and diversity of grass species in plant communities of the Molinio-Arrhenatheretea class in the Wielkopolska region (Poland)

Differentiation and distribution of the genus Phalaris (Poaceae) in Katowice Province (Southern Poland)

Short notes

Bromus arvensis and B. secalinus (Poaceae) in the Mazowsze and Podlasie regions (Poland)

Anthoxanthum aristatum (Poaceae) in the Nizina Południowopodlaska and its neighbourhood (Poland)

Transfer of specific and infraspecific Old World taxa from Mahonia to Berberis

The distribution of Stellaria pallida (Caryophyllaceae) in Poland

Karyology of the genus Agrostis (Poaceae) – a review

Some morphometric and chemotaxonomic features in the taxonomy of Onobrychis (Fabaceae) from Poland

Comparative studies on Polish and Italian populations of Dactylis glomerata subsp. glomerata (Poaceae)

New species of the genus Hypoxis (Hypoxidaceae) in Central Africa (Zaire, Rwanda, Burundi)

Long-term dynamics of a relict ancient forest in an urban area

Relationship between the shore vegetation and the evolution of oligotrophic lakes

Micarea synotheoides, M. hedlundii (Micareaceae) and Leptogium intermedium (Collemataceae), three lichens new to Poland

Hypocenomycetum caradocensis – a new association of epiphytic lichens

Some notes on the bryoflora of Surinam

A contribution to the coastal bryoflora of French Guiana

Response of the Gulf of Gdańsk diatom flora to the sewage run-off from the Vistula river

Some planktonic algae rare in north-east Poland

A reinterpretation of Conostomum crassinervium (Musci, Bartramiaceae) from East Africa

Leptotrichella replaces Microdus (Musci, Dicranaceae)

The type specimen of Leptotrichum praealtum (Musci, Ditrichaceae)

The earliest recognition of Limprichtia cossonii (Musci, Amblystegiaceae)

The oldest synonym of Blindia torrentium (Musci, Seligeriaceae) from the Falkland Islands

Eurhynchiella decurrens is conspecific with Kindbergia africana (Musci, Brachytheciaceae)

Nomenclatural notes on mosses: 16. New combinations in African Eurhynchium (Brachytheciaceae)

On the identity of Dicranum stenodictyon (Musci, Dicranaceae)

First records of Hedwigia stellata (Musci, Hedwigiaceae) from Turkey