Fragmenta Floristica et Geobotanica 43/1

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Fragmenta Floristica et Geobotanica 43/1, 1998


Fingardia yamapensis, a new species of Orchidaceae from New Guinea

Tree new species of the genus Crepidium (Orchidaceae) from South-east Asia

A provisional checklist of the orchids of Equatorial Guinea

Distribution of the orchids in West and South-West Pacific islands – a preliminary report

Rubus canadensis (Rosaceae) – a new alien species in the flora of Poland

Desmids of the Zbyszek peat-bog, Central Poland

Investigations of mosses in Polish towns – a review of the bryological research and data

New names and combinations in Schistidium (Musci, Grimmiaceae)

Edible plant species used by the human population around Kisangani (Democratic Republic of Congo)

Vegetation and successional stages in chalk quarries on Jasmund (Rügen Island, NE Germany)

Distribution and ecology of Sisymbrium polymorphum (Cruciferae)

Ozone concentrations in Kraków Province, southern Poland

Tropospheric ozone concentrations in mountain national parks in Poland and their effects on the plants