Fungal Strategies of Wood Decay in Trees

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Fungal Strategies of Wood Decay in Trees

Autorzy: Francis W.M.R. Schwarze, Julia Engels, Claus Mattheck,

Wood-destroying fungi play an important role in nature, because they are the only forms of life capable of reducing wood to its initial constituents. However, they can also be dangerous for people and property, as they can impair the stability and fracture-safety of trees. This book gives detailed information, based on new and original scientific findings, on the examination and effects of the most important species of fungi associated with failure of infected urban trees. In addition, new ways are presented for predicting the advance of decay in the living tree. The subject is illustrated and made easily accessible by numerous colored photos of fungus fruit bodies, defect symptoms, and macroscopic and microscopic pictures of wood decay. A detailed introduction to the fundamentals of wood pathology provides a way into the subjects of applied mycology and tree-care for readers without previous special knowledge.

Rok wydania: 2000
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