Handbook of Bird Biology

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Handbook of Bird Biology

Redakcja: Irby J Lovette, John W Fitzpatrick
Premier textbook from the world-famous Cornell Lab of Ornithology
Full colour throughout with more than 800 illustrations
Suitable for academic studies as well as recreational birdwatchers
Nontechnical discussion of all major topics relating to the biology of birds

Review of the previous edition:
"If you really do want to know everything about birds, turn to the second edition of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Handbook of Bird Biology, which for really keen readers comes in conjunction with a home-study course in the subject."
– Stephen Moss, The Guardian

Notes on Contributors
All About Bird Biology website
Chapter 1 Why Study Birds?
Chapter 2: Avian Diversity and Classification
Chapter 3: How Birds Evolve
Chapter 4: Feathers and Plumages
Chapter 5: Avian Flight
Chapter 6: Avian Anatomy
Chapter 7: Bird Physiology
Chapter 8: Avian Food and Foraging
Chapter 9: Avian Mating and Social Behavior
Chapter 10: Avian Vocal Behavior
Chapter 11: Breeding Biology of Birds
Chapter 12: Avian Migration and Dispersal
Chapter 13: Ecology of Bird Populations
Chapter 14: Bird Communities
Chapter 15 Bird Conservation

Rok wydania: 2016
Wydawnictwo: John Wiley & Sons
Liczba stron: 705
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ISBN: 9781118291054
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