Homeostasis of terrestrial ecosystems

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Homeostasis of terrestrial ecosystems

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Ecosystem homeostasis - search for a definition.
Units of homeostatic organization in terrestrial ecosystems.
Mechanisms stabilizing the structure of phytocoenoses subjected to an increasing impact of man management.
Interspecific competition in relation to homeostatsis in bird communities.
Stabilizing role of zoocoenoses enrichment and the ways of animal imigrations into ecosystems

Some problems of zoocenosis restoration in degraded forest habitats.
Funcioning of grassy systems in urban habitats.
Number compensation between assocations of insect fauna living in lime crowns in urban areas.
The effects of land reclamation on synantropic plants i the region of nitrogen plants in Puławy.
The effect of sulphur industry on epigeic and soil fauna.
The role of phytophages in matter cycling  through ecosystems  enriched with nutrients.
Aspects of biomass production stabiity in a fertilized stand of Hieracio-Nardetum strictae association.
The effect of marmot feeding on net photosintesis productivity of Plantago stepposa
K uprian.

Programme for the restoration of plant cover in the Kampinos PN.
Problems of animal introduction into the Kampinos Forest

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