Hymenoptera and Conservation

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Hymenoptera and Conservation

Autor: Tim R New

Hymenoptera, the bees, wasps and ants, are one of the largest insect orders, and have massive ecological importance as pollinators and as predators or parasitoids of other insects. These roles have brought them forcefully to human notice, as governors of some key ecological services that strongly influence human food supply. Recent declines of pollinators and introductions of alien pests or biological control agents are only part of the current concerns for conservation of Hymenoptera, and of the interactions in which they participate in almost all terrestrial ecosystems. Both pests and beneficial species abound within the order, sometimes closely related within the same families. Many taxa are both difficult to identify, and very poorly known.
This global overview, the first such account for the whole of the Hymenoptera, discusses a broad range of themes to introduce the insects and their conservation roles and needs, and how their wellbeing may be approached. Hymenoptera and Conservation is intended as a source of information for research workers, students, conservation managers and naturalists as an introduction to the importance of this dominant insect order.


1 Introducing Hymenoptera and their Conservation
Classification and diversity
Importance for conservation
Social life and conservation
2 Alien Hymenoptera in Classical Biological Control
Introducing a dilemma
Conservation concerns
3 The Junction of Biological Control and Conservation: Conservation Biological Control and Cultural Control
4 Introduced Bees: Threats or Benefits?
5 Social Wasps and Ants as Aliens
Social wasps
Current perspective
6 Pollinator Declines
Introducing the concerns
Threats to pollinators
Pathogens and parasites
7 Levels of Conservation Concern and the Shortcomings of Current Practice
Foci for conservation
Species focus
Biotope and habitat focus
8 Habitat Parameters and Manipulation
Defining and assessing habitats in the landscape
Habitat manipulations for conservation
Natural and agricultural environments
Urban environments
Practical conservation
9 Species Case Histories
Franklin's bumblebee (Bombus franklini)
The great yellow bumblebee (Bombus distinguendus)
Wallace's bee (Chalicodoma pluto)
Neopasiphae simplicior in Western Australia
The antennal-waving wasp (Tachysphex pechumani)
The dinosaur ant (Nothomyrmecia macrops)
The red-barbed ant (Formica rufi barbis) in Britain
10 Assessing Conservation Progress and Priorities for the Future
Introduction: The basic need
The milieux of concern

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