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Isoscapes: Understanding Movement, Pattern, and Process on Earth Through Isotope Mapping

 Redakcja: Jason B West, Gabriel J Bowen, Todd E Dawson, Kevin P Tu

Stable isotope ratio variation in natural systems reflects the dynamics of Earth systems processes and imparts isotope labels to Earth materials. Carbon isotope ratios of atmospheric CO2 record exchange of carbon between the biosphere and the atmosphere, the incredible journeys of migrating monarchs is documented by hydrogen isotopes in their wings and water carries an isotopic record of its source and history as it traverses the atmosphere and land surface.

Through these and many other examples, improved understanding of spatio-temporal isotopic variation in Earth systems is leading to innovative new approaches to scientific problem-solving. Isoscapes provides a comprehensive overview of the theory, methods and applications that are enabling new disciplinary and cross-disciplinary advances through the study of isoscapes: isotopic landscapes.

Rok wydania: 2009
Wydawnictwo: Springer-Verlag
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Format: 17x24 cm
ISBN:  9789048133536
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