Neuroscience of Birdsong

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Neuroscience of Birdsong

Redakcja: Peter Marler, H Philip Zeigler

Speech has long been thought of as a uniquely defining characteristic of humans. Yet song birds, like humans, communicate using learned signals (song, speech) that are acquired from their parents by a process of vocal imitation. Both song and speech begin as amorphous vocalizations (subsong, babble) that are gradually transformed into an individualized version of the parents' speech, including dialects. With contributions from both the founding forefathers and younger researchers of this field, this 2008 book provides a comprehensive summary of birdsong neurobiology, and identifies the common brain mechanisms underlying this achievement in both birds and humans.
Written primarily for advanced graduates and researchers, Neuroscience of Birdsong provides an introductory overview covering song learning, the parallels between language and birdsong and the relationship between the brains of birds and mammals; with subsequent sections deal with producing, processing, learning and recognizing song, as well as with hormonal and genomic mechanisms.


Foundations: Singing and the Brain
    Birdsong and human speech
    Birdsong and singing behavior
    The Australian Magpie (Gymnorhina tibicen): an alternative model for the study of songbird neurobiology
    Songbirds and the revised avian brain nomenclature
    The songbird brain in comparative perspective
Song Production and its Neural Control
    Mechanisms of song production in songbirds Roderick
    Peripheral sensorimotor mechanisms and the control of song
    Integrating breathing and singing: forebrain and brainstem mechanisms
    Birdsong: anatomical foundations and central mechanisms of sensorimotor integration
Hearing and Recognizing the Song
    Song selectivity and the songbird brain
    Song-selective neurons: synaptic mechanisms and functional roles
    Temporal auditory pattern recognition in songbirds
Learning the Song: Mechanisms of Acquisition and Maintenance
    Comparative aspects of song learning
    Developmental song learning in the zebra finch
    Auditory feedback and singing in adult birds
    The anterior forebrain pathway and vocal plasticity
    Circuits and cellular mechanisms of sensory acquisition
    Chasin' the trace: the neural substrate of birdsong memory
    The template concept - crafting a song replica from memory
Mechanisms of Modulation and Plasticity
    Hormonal modulation of singing behavior: methodology and principles of hormone action
    Sex differences in brain and behavior and neuroendocrine control of the motivation to sing
    Plasticity of the song control system in adult birds
    Regulation and function of neuronal replacement in the avian song system
The Genomic Revolution and Birdsong Neurobiology
    Studies of songbirds in the age of genetics: what to expect from genomic approaches in the next 20 years
    Behavior-dependent expression of inducible genes in vocal learning birds
    Genes for tuning up the vocal brain: FoxP2 in human speech and birdsong
On a Personal Note
    William Homans Thorpe: a biographical memoir
    My journey with birdsong
    The discovery of replaceable neurons
    The birdsong saga
Collected References

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