New Holland Concise Bird Guide

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New Holland Concise Bird Guide

Autor: Wildlife Trusts (Great Britain)
Ilustracje: Richard Allen, David Daly, Szabolcs Kokay, Dan Cole, Stephen Message,

This beautifully illustrated mini field guide is packed with information on the birds of Britain and the near Continent. It covers more than 250 species, which are illustrated with superb full-colour artworks that show - where relevant - variations in plumage, for example for male, female and juvenile birds, and breeding and non-breeding birds. A concise written account covering size, description, voice, habitat, distribution and habits appears on the same page. The easy-to-follow layouts and superb artworks aid quick and accurate identification, and make this book an indispensable reference in the field as well as at home. It is compact enough to fit in the pocket, yet packed with essential information for the nature enthusiast. To protect it against the elements in the field, the book is wrapped in a durable plastic wallet. Also included is a foldout insert illustrating such topics as variations in plumage in flying birds of different species. This title is suitable for: wildlife enthusiasts wanting to identify birds in Britain and other parts of northern Europe, and those who want a portable yet authoritative bird books to take on nature walks or to keep in their home or car. Suitable for both adults and children, it is part of the ultimate collectable nature book series.

Rok wydania: 2010
Wydawnictwo: New Holland Publishers

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9x13 cm