Polish Botanical Jurnal 52/2/2007

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Polish Botanical Jurnal 52/2/2007


Bryophytes from the Fiji Islands, II. An account of the genus Colura, with the description of C. vitiensis sp. nov.

Reassessment of the smut fungi infecting Anemone in southern South America.

Typification of the Hieracium names described by E. Wołoszczak from the eastern Carpathians.

New data on the distribution of Arabis recta in Poland.

Verrucaria elaeomelaena and V. funckii in Poland.

Some silica-scaled chrysophytes fron the Tatra Mountains, Poland.

Two silica scale-bearing chrysophytes from Poland.

Filamentous fungi associated with Monochamus galloprovincialis and Acanthocinus aedilis in Scots Pine.

Notes on the distribution and ecology of fungi of the genus Anthracoidea in Poland.

Entoloma ollare, a species of subgenus Claudopus, new to Poland.

New lichens and lichenicolous fungi of the Polish Sudety Mountains.

New untypical localities of the arctic-alpine lichen Ploepsidium chlorophanum in Central Europe.

Cladonia asahinae
, a lichen species overlooked in Poland.

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