Polish Botanical Jurnal 53/1/2008

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Polish Botanical Jurnal 53/1/2008


Two new species of Disperis from Central West Africa.

Stucture and development of inter- and intraxylary phloem in Leptadenia reticulata.

Comparative cytogenetic study of some grass genera of the subfamily Pooideae in Iran.

Spring communities of of the Vel'ka Fatra Mts and their relationship to Central European spring vegetation.

Chrysophyte stomatocysts from gypsum damp vegetation in southern Poland.

Pertusaria lactescens, a lichen species new to Central Europe.

Some overlooked and rare xylariaceous fungi from Poland.

Phleogena faginea in Poland- notes on ecology and distributon.

Dianthus campestris, a species new to Poland.

Notes on Leptogiumand and Dermatocarpon species from basalt outcrop in Mały Śnieżny Kocioł cirque.

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