Polish Botanical Jurnal 53/2/2008

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Polish Botanical Jurnal 53/2/2008


Four new species of Bilabrella from Africa

Platycoryne lysowskiana a new species from the Central African Republic.

Biogeography and diversity of the Tubiflorae in Egypt.

Phytosciological study if Trema orientalis and Vernonia auriculifera highland community in soutwestren Uganda.

Mallomonas striata var. serrata and Synura petersenii f. kufferathi, two silica-scaled chrysophytes new to Cameroon.

Contribution to the knowledge of the lichen biota of Bolivia. 2

Additions to the biota of lichens and lichenicolous fungi of Poland, wiyh a note Lecania prasinoides in Eastern and Central Europe.

New records of lichens and lichenicolus fungi from the Polish Tatra Mountains.

Novelties of Protomycetaceae in the Tatra Mts.

Inland delta plant community structure and soil microscopic fungi on Kopac Island after damming of Danube river.

Nodulisporium cecidiogenes  - a mycoparasite of Coniophora puteana found  in Poland.

Validation of the genus Siepmania and its four species.

Calicium pinastri, a lichen species new to Poland.

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