Polish Botanical Jurnal 54/1/2009

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Polish Botanical Journal 54/1/2009


Overview of Aphanolejeunea after 25 years.

Nupela matrioschka sp. nov., Nupela thurstonensis comb. nov. and Nupela neogracillima comb. & nom. nov.: critical analysis of their morphology.

Sporisorium themedae
, new to Mauriitius, and Tillitea mauritiana, new to Madagascar.

Euphrasia exaristata, a Western Carpathian endemic species new to the flora of Poland.

Lecanora semipallida in Poland.

Metzgeria violacea in the Polish Carpathians.

Critical review of Russula species known from Tatra National Park (Poland and Slovakia).

Contribution to biodiversity assesment of European primeval forests:new records of rare fungi in the Białowieża Forest.

New inland localities of a rare gasteroid basidiomycete, Scleroderma septentrionale, in natural and antropogenic habitats in Central Europe.

Heavy metal vagatationin the Olkusz region (southern Poland)- preliminary studies.

Structure and development of secondary thickening meristem in Mirabilis jalapa.

Lichens recorded on iron and glass in NE Poland.

Jamesiella anastomosans, a lichen species new to Poland.

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