Polish Botanical Jurnal 55/1/2010

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Polish Botanical Jurnal 55/1/2010


On the occasion of dr Kurt Krammer's 85th birthday.
Hyalodiscopsis plana, a sublittoral centric marine diatom, and its potential for nanotechnology as a natural zipper-like nanoclaps.
Crucicostulifera, a new diatom genus described from the Magaliesburg Mts, South Africa.
Diatom flora of San Francisco Bay and vivinty. II. Fogedia krammeri sp. nov.
Achnanthidium chitrakootense spec. nov. from rivers of northern and central India.
A new freswater Gyrosigma (Bacillariophyceae) species from Hawaii.
Morphology of new taxa in the Cymbella aspera and Cymbella neocistula groups, Cymbella yakii sp. nov., and Cymbella cf. hantzschiana from Everest National Park, Nepal.
(Bacillariophyceae) in the Holarctic: new species from the Russian Arctic.
Two short-striated species of Staurosirella
(Bacillariophyceae) from Indonesia and the United States.
A re-examination of the type material of Cymbella kappi
First record of Amphora ohridana
(Bacillariophyceae) in Poland.
New Thalassiosira species
(Bacillariophyceae) from Holocene sediments of the Bunger Oasis, East Antarctica.
Taxonomy, morphology and distribution of some Aulacoseira taxa in glaciallakes in the South Carpathian region.
Taxonomic notes, typification and biostratigraphy of Diploneis carpathorum
(Bacillariophyceae) and one new related species.
Epipellis oiketis
(Bacillariophyceae) on harbor porpoises from the North Sea Channel (Belgium).
Structure and taxonomic diversity of benthic diatom assemblage in a polluted marine anvironment (Balaklava Bay, Black Sea).
Distribution of the arctic-alpine Ranunculus glacialis (Ranunculaceae) in the Carpathians with a new locality in the Fagaras Montains (Romania).
Notes on Hygrocybe subsection Squamulosae from Poland.
Icmadophila aversa and Piccolia conspera, two lichens species new to Bolivia.
Phaeophyscia endophoenicea (Ascomycota, Physciaceae) in Polish lowlands.
Pine forests of Zn-Pb post-mining areas of southern Poland.
Notes on the distribution of Sphinctrina anglica and its host in Poland.

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