The comparative osteology of European Corvids ...

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The comparative osteology of European Corvids (Aves: Corvidae), with a key to the identification of their skeletal elements.

Autorzy: Teresa Tomek, Zbigniew M. Bocheński

This book provides a comprehensive and comparative guide to the identification of skeletal elements of corvids. The study is based on 662 skeletal specimens representing 11 species of European corvids (Garrulus glandarius, Perisoreus infaustus, Pica pica, Cyanopica cyanus, Nucifraga caryocatactes, Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax, P. graculus, Corvus monedula, C. frugilegus, C. corone, C. corax). All major skeletal elements are included. For each species, the information is presented in a structured user-friendly format allowing easy cross reference and comparison between the various species. The book consists of two major parts: (i) practical part that can be used to identify bony remains of corvids found in contemporary, archaeological and paleontological materials, and (ii) theoretical part including systematical comments and conclusions.

This book will be considered the definitive reference work on the osteology of European corvids. It will be essential for students and researchers working in palaeontology, archaeozoology, contemporary food remains of owls and other raptors, systematics and comparative osteology.

Key features:
► A total of 110 morphological characters differentiating the species of European corvids are illustrated in separate drawings,
► Basic statistics of measurements taken from each skeletal element and each species are given in appropriate tables. Seven species with sufficient number of sexed specimens examined have been checked for the sex dimorphism in size,
► Chosen proportions, comparing two measurements each, are illustrated on diagrams to make easier the identification of corvid remains,
► Discriminant function analyses performed for each skeletal element and each species may help identify a corvid bone to the species level.

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