The Evolution of Parental Care

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The Evolution of Parental Care

Redakcja: Nick J Roye, Per T Smiseth, Mathias Kolliker

Parental care includes a wide variety of traits that enhance offspring development and survival. It is taxonomically widespread and is central to the maintenance of biodiversity through its close association with other phenomena such as sexual selection, life-history evolution, sex allocation, sociality, cooperation and conflict, growth and development, genetic architecture, and phenotypic plasticity.

This novel book provides a fresh perspective on the study of the evolution of parental care based on contributions from some of the top researchers in the field. It provides evidence that the dynamic nature of family interactions, and particularly the potential for co-evolution among family members, has contributed to the huge diversity of parental care behaviours expressed across as well as within taxa.

"The Evolution of Parental Care" aims to stimulate students and researchers alike to pursue exciting new directions in this fascinating and important area of behavioural and evolutionary biology.


What is parental care?
SECTION 1 - Origin and Evolution of Parental Care
Theoretical foundations of parental care
Benefits and costs of parental care
Patterns of parental care in vertebrates
Patterns of parental care in invertebrates
Sex differences in parental care
SECTION 2 - Conflict and Cooperation in Parental Care
Parent-offspring conflict
Sibling competition and cooperation over parental care
Sexual conflict
Sex allocation
Paternity, maternity, and parental care
Cooperative breeding systems
Brood parasitism
SECTION 3 - Evolutionary Genetics of Parental Care
Parental effects in development and evolution
The quantitative genetic theory of parental effects
Parent-offspring co-adaptation
Genetics and epigenetics of parental care
The evolution of parental care: summary, conclusions and implications

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