The Palaearctic Chrysomelidae. Identification keys

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The Palaearctic Chrysomelidae. Identification keys

Autor: Andrzej Warchałowski

Over 5500 numbered text figures, 102 color plates (918 photos)

The present work is a key for determination of leaf beetles occuring in the Palaearctic area. It is based on my previous work (Warchałowski 2003), enriched by Asia territory excluding those area which traditionally are included into Oriental area (Pakistan, Transhimalayan countries, India, S China, Indochina, Ryukyu Is. and Taiwan). The limits of the Palaearctic area are approximately agreed according to Wallace (1876). Consequently, as Palaearctic were considered species occurring in Canarian Islands, Africa north of Sahara, Near East, Arabian Peninsula, Iran, Afghanistan, N China (to the provinces Xinjiang, Qinghai, Gansu, Shaanxi, Shansi, Hebei and Shandong inclusive), Japan without Ryukyu Islands and all remaining Eurasian territories north of this area. Species of the subfamilies Galerucinae and Alticinae occurring in the Chinese province Xizang are also partly included in the keys.

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